29th Judicial Circuit Court

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Our Probate Division has an experienced staff of clerks to assist you with your questions. Please understand that we are not attorneys and cannot give you any legal advice. Most probate issues require the representation of legal counsel, however, there are a few matters we can assist you with without the necessity of a lawyer; such as Spousal Refusal of Letters and Creditor Refusal of Letters.

The Probate Office is located at:
    The Jasper County Courthouse
    302 S. Main Street, Room 206
    Carthage, MO 64836
    Phone: 417-358-0403 – general information
    Fax: 417-358-0404

Our Staff Includes:  
Probate Clerk - Machaela Cantu
  Phone: 417-237-1011
E-mail: Machaela.Cantu@courts.mo.gov
Deputy Probate Clerk - Cindy Dixon
  Phone: 417-625-4325 (Joplin Courts Building)
E-mail: Cindy.Dixon@courts.mo.gov
Deputy Probate Clerk - Sarah Meador
  Phone: 417-237-1023
E-mail: Sarah.Meador@courts.mo.gov


The JASPER COUNTY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE is not located with ours. You may reach their office at 417-358-4271.

If you have a legal question, we are hopeful you will contact your attorney at your earliest opportunity. 

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