29th Judicial Circuit Court

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The following is a listing of our current fees required at the time of any Probate filing. Please note these fees are subject to change and are only meant as a general guideline. We recommend you contact our office to request the proper filing fee prior to submission:

Spouse: $55.00 (includes 1 certified copy)
Creditor: $55.00 (includes 1 certified copy)
Minor: $55.00 (includes 1 certified copy)

Small Estates:
Testate: $90.00 (includes 1 certified copy)
Intestate: $55.00 (includes 1 certified copy)

Full Decedent Estates:
Testate: $170.00
Intestate: $135.00
Estates with values greater than $50,000: $50.00 for each additional $50,000
Annual Fee: $30.00

Petition to admit or reject wills: $55.00
Will filed during lifetime: $3.00

Minors’ Estates:
Guardian and/or Conservator: $80.00 (plus service costs and attorney fee if required)
Successor Letters (uncontested): $60.00

Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship Estates:
Guardian and/or Conservator: $295.00*
Guardian and/or Conservator (with emergency letters requested): $345.00*
*(and court appointed attorney fees)
Successor Letters (uncontested): $75.00

Miscellaneous Fees:
Petition to Require Administration: $135.00
Petition to Determine Heirship: $55.00
Trust Registration: $65.00
Copies: $1.00
Certifications: $1.50 per seal

We accept personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and cash. Please make all checks payable to the Probate Division.