GIS Layer Inventory

2006 Aerial Photography
(Mr. SID format by Political Township) - Free (Order Form)

2009 Aerial Photography
Entire County  (personal geodatabase or Mr. SID tiles) - Free (Order Form)
One tile cost (6" = 1/2 mi and 12" = 1 mile) - Free (Order Form)

2012 Aerial Photography
Entire County (1 meter SID) - $250 (Order Form)
Entire County (4" and 12" JPG tiles) - $1000 (Order Form)
One tile (4" tile = approx 1/2 mile / 12" tile approx 1 mile) - $10 (Order Form)

2015 Aerial Photography
Entire County (File GDB 4" and 12" JPG Tiles) - $1000 (Order Form)

All annotation - $150 (Order Form)
Parcel Dimensions - $50 (Order Form)
Rights of Way Dimensions - $50 (Order Form)
Parcel Notes - $50 (Order Form)

Corp Limits - $50 (Order Form)
County Boundary downloadbox
Map Sheet Index (Assessor tax map numbers) - $50 (Order Form)
Political Townships downloadbox
Quarter Sections downloadbox
Quarter Quarter Sections downloadbox
Survey Townships downloadbox
USPLS Sections downloadbox

Blocks - $50 (Order Form)
Lots - $50 (Order Form)
Parcels - $250 (Order Form)
Parcel boundaries with Parcel ID attribute only downloadbox
Subdivisions downloadbox

E911 Data Layers (please contact 911 for these layers)
Mike Runnebaum 417-358-7000 x3302
Address Points
Fire Departments
Police Department
Private Drives
Roads (Centerlines)

Cemeteries downloadbox

Census Data   downloadbox

Unincorporated Urban Areas   downloadbox

Telephone Exchange Districts downloadbox
Fire Protection Districts downloadbox
Legislative Districts downloadbox
Voting Precincts downloadbox
Public Water Districts downloadbox

Easements (transmission line from Assessor tax maps)
Easements downloadbox

Ecoli Stream Samples downloadbox
EPA Sites (Soil quality tests) downloadbox
Flood Zone(new) downloadbox
Flood Plain(old) downloadbox
Mine Waste Areas downloadbox
Smelter Areas downloadbox
Superfund Area downloadbox

Water Lines (creeks, streams and rivers) downloadbox
Water Polygons (Major waterways, Lakes & Ponds) downloadbox

Soils downloadbox

Tax Districts
Fire Districts downloadbox
Road Districts downloadbox
School Districts downloadbox

National Weather Service Tornado Path (includes layer file) downloadbox
Tornado Path downloadbox
Tornado Path Grid downloadbox
Expedited Debris Removal Area downloadbox

Railroads downloadbox